What is Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is exercise therapy that is performed in a warm pool. It has numerous benefits and is used to target and treat a variety of illnesses and conditions in a safe, pleasant and enjoyable environment. The use of mild, regulated movements in warm water allows individuals to gradually increase their range of motion.

The benefits of Hydrotherapy include:

  • Strengthen muscles – water creates resistance for strength training. The amount of resistance you apply varies depending on water depth, speed and type of movement
  • Minimises aches and pains – warm water causes vasodilation in the blood vessels, which improves circulation in the area of discomfort.
  • Reduced swelling – Hydrostatic pressure reduces inflammation and improves circulation
  • Decreased load and pain on joints – buoyancy reduces the amount of gravity through the body.
  • Decreased heart rate and blood pressure – increased circulation and peripheral vasodilation

How to get started with Hydrotherapy session?

An in clinic initial assessment with one of our Exercises Physiologists is required before your first hydrotherapy session. This is so that we can assess your movement and function as well as customize a treatment plan and exercise program that would be the most beneficial for you.

Hydrotherapy sessions can be conducted by our Exercise Physiologist or Exercise Therapists and can be accessed through NDIS, DVA, Chronic Disease Care Plan (Medicare Rebate), Private Health, Workcover and Privately.

We also run group hydrotherapy sessions multiple times a week.

What can you expect at your appointment?

At B Mee Allied Health an initial Hydrotherapy consult consists of a medical history screening, goal setting, movement analysis and condition relevant assessments followed by education and exercise prescription.

Our Hydrotherapy are available for appointments at our Hervey Bay clinic, hydrotherapy and home visits.

Mission Statement

B Mee Allied Health is a business inspired by making a positive difference in someone's life through providing resources and guidance.