Who is


We are a locally run and operated business. We care deeply about the health of our community.
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How we

service you?

We offer a huge range of services that are uniquely individualised to suit you.
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Have a


BMee Allied Health works with a range of referrers and we make the process simple and painless.
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Why B Mee Allied Health?

B Mee Allied Health is a team of passionate professionals wanting to make a difference in your life.  Our team consists of Exercise Physiologists and Dietitians who can tailor programs to help improve your lifestyle.


Whether it is from muscle pain to IBS we can help you tackle your problem improving your quality of life.


B Mee likes to feel part of the community and be accessible to everyone.  We offer one on one programs and a variety of group sessions.


B Mee “Bee-lieves they can make a difference”

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