Our Services

At BMee we pride ourselves on provided the best opportunities to enhance your health and performance.


Our mission is to make a positive difference in a person’s life, by providing and empowering with the correct knowledge and education to improve their health and lifestyle.


Our team of experts come from a range of different backgrounds, but each with unique specialisations to support you. What makes us even more special is…we are locals.


We credit ourselves on being a locally run and operated business. We feel by living in the community we are able to have a better understanding of our clients and what is available to them.


Discover the range of ways we can support you below!

How we can support you

Exercise Physiology

Expert prescription of exercise.

Dietetics & Nutrition

Expert food programs.

Personal Training

Move for life.

Performance Development Program

For 15 -17 year old athletes.

Diabetes Management

Support for your condition.

Gym Programs

Expert gym guidance.

Group Exercise Classes

Exercise with purpose.

Triathlon Training

The winning edge.

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