About Us

Locals Caring for Locals


Established in the Fraser Coast region in 2006  B Mee Allied Health has grown and expanded into a team of experts who specialise in all your Exercise, Nutrition and Recovery needs.  We credit ourselves on being a locally run and operated business.  We feel by living in the community we are able to have a better understanding of our clients and what is available to them.


Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Exercise Physiologists are the exercise specialists. Prescribing you safe, evidence-based exercise interventions which are individualised and specific to you and your injury, condition or chronic disease.

Our Exercise Physiologist, have over 7 years of experience and specialise in different areas.  We cater from Diabetes, Cancer care, Osteoporosis, Injury management, Balance concerns, MS and Rehabilitation.  From a heart attack to knee reconstruction we can design your exercise program for you, whether it be prescribed for at home, in the gym, or the pool.


Our key motto is “Train for Life” keep the skills and strength you need to carry out your daily routine, and remain independent.

Accredited Practicing Dietitian

The Dietitians at B Mee strive to make food a pleasurable experience for you and your body. They believe in supporting individuals on their journey to better health through healthy shopping; cooking and eating habits as part of a broader healthy lifestyle. Our Dietitians are passionate about their roles and aim for small achievable steps to improve long-term health and well-being. They are specialists in managing medical conditions such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease; Diabetes; Heart Disease; Hypertension; Food intolerances; Mental health to name a few. They can also assist families with fussy eaters; and provide nutritional advice around gut health; weight management and much more. Come and meet our team and re-build a healthy, positive relationship with food.

Diabetes Educator

Our Credentialed Diabetes Educator is available to assist people with diabetes and those at risk of developing diabetes by empowering them to effectively self-mange their treatment and health of their diabetes or pre-diabetes. B Mee also offers Type 2 Diabetes Management Group Class programs (ask your GP for a referral).

Recovery Centre

Our recovery centre opened in 2021 and is the first of it’s sort in Hervey Bay. This facility provides state of theart Cryotherapy, Infared Sauna Therapy, Dynamic Compression Therapy and Remedial Massage.

Rehab Gym

We offer a comprehensive onsite rehab gym which provides stat of the art rehabilitation equipment for our clients to achieve their health goals and get back to the activities they enjoy doing without discomfort.

Licensed Kitchen

Along with the opening of our Recovery Centre in 2021 B Mee has also opened a licensed kitchen. This allows our Accredited Dietitians to assist and teach clients to learn to cook Healthy and exciting alternatives and to be able to become more independent. We also run an arrange of different cooking classes for NDIS, DVA’s , adults and children.



To make a positive difference in a person’s life, by providing and empowering with the correct knowledge and education to improve their health and lifestyle.



High quality care

Tailoring programs to the individual

Listening to the client’s needs and focusing on their goals

Happy and compassionate outlook

Improving our knowledge with professional development

Being part of the community



To provide a health hub that is welcoming and that inspires change.